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Agile software development involves an approach to decision making in software projects, which refers to software engineering methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve over time according to the project's need the client. Thus the work is done through the collaboration of self-organized and multidisciplinary teams, immersed in a shared decision-making process in the short term.

A methodology for software creation based on the integration between software developers and systems administrators that allows to manufacture software faster, with higher quality, lower cost and a very high frequency of releases, focusing on communication, collaboration and constant between software developers and Systems professionals in information technologies.

We are focused on that the solutions that we implement are according to the needs that the company owns, our aim is that the technologies OpenSource is a piece that fits in its structure without altering the orders, simplifying and enhancing its network.

Empowering your virtues without tying it to closed standards or to sole suppliers.

The information economy model requires the flexibility of new technologies to carry out its goals. Logic strives to offer solutions in line with new trends in the market, evolving with the customer.

We develop applications, implement infrastructure services, provide support and consulting so your company has a safe and reliable platform.

Our group of Engineers is made up of highly experienced professionals, specialised in all the key areas of the IT world. We choose the best resources to work always under the tutelage of a specialised Engineer who guides each project until final delivery.

The number of delivered projects, in addition with the support and consulting operations carried out in more than 15 years in the IT market, give us a vital experience to offer the services we offer.

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15 Years in the market
+60 Customers
+207 Projects
86 Monitored Servers